When not providing robot rock riffs for Adebisi Shank or forming the backbone of No Spill Blood’s fuzzy fury, Lar Kaye has been working on material of his own. This five-track solo EP opens with the polychromatic influence of Tyondai Braxton/Battles on the talkbox opener ‘Echo Island’. While there are familiar reiterations of his guitar work for Adebisi, there’s new textures in place from the hyperactive R&B female vocal skitter of ‘Effector’, the 8-bit cut and percussive paste of ‘Crash’, the frenetic electronic bass and beats of ‘Daylight Day Light’ and the garage-esque rhythms of ‘The Love Loop’. It’s a kaleidoscopic and dizzying series of new expressions from a mind who thinks and likes things fast-paced.

Download at Official.FM.

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