M.I.A. “/\/\/\Y/\” Snippets from RS on Vimeo.

1. ‘The Message’
2. ‘Steppin’ Up’
3. ‘XXXO’ (prod. by Blaqstarr & Rusko)
4. ‘Teqkilla’
5. ‘Lovalot’
6. ‘Story To Be Told’
7. ‘It Takes A Muscle’
8. ‘It Iz What It Iz’
9. ‘Born Free’
10. ‘Meds And Feds’
11. ‘Tell Me Why’
12. ‘Space’ (prod. by Rusko)

The Limited Edition will have the following four tracks added.
13. ‘Internet Connection’
14. ‘Illygirl’
15. ‘Believer’ ft. Blaqstarr
16. ‘Caps Lock’

Stream and info via Firstup!.