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Listen to Blondes’ new album Swisher

Listen to Blondes’ new album Swisher


New York electronic men Blondes dropped a big surprise today: a full stream of their new double album Swisher all available in one gulp without any prior info or warning. The 9-track 65 minute album doesn’t sway too far from their excellent collected debut LP in that its hypnotic analogue dance music made in the digital era. The overall tones are darker rather than euphoric. It’s out now digitally and coming on vinyl in August on RVNG Intl. Track list below.

Swisher Track list

1. Aeon (0:00)
2. Bora Bora (3:39)
3. Andrew (12:34)
4. Poland (22:13)
5. Clasp (30:06)
6. Swisher (35:25)
7. Rei (37:27)
8. Wire (49:02)
9. Elise (57:17)

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