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Listen to Hauer’s new ’80s synth-heavy EP – Esperbyte

Listen to Hauer’s new ’80s synth-heavy EP – Esperbyte


Last month, I debuted the retrofuturistic single from Dublin electro producer Hauer. Today I have the full Esperbyte EP to share with you exclusively before its release later this week.

It begins with skyscraping ’80s synthesizer intro of ‘Merc I’ before the pummeling electronics of the aforementioned ‘Merc II’ kick in. The EP also features an synth cop with attitude taking names and kicking 808 butts on ‘Solarsurf’ before the digital industrial drum machine regret of the title track brings the release to a close over seven minutes.

Hauer is playing live dates on September 19th with The Loudmouth Collective @ The Bernard Shaw (Free in) and Thursday October 2nd at HWCH. The EP is for sale on cassette tape at those gigs.