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Listen to Somadrone’s Potion Of Oblivion mix as a preview of his new listening club night

Somadrone is kicking off a Potion Of Oblivion monthly club night in Block T on Friday September 20th. Calling it more of a listening club than a club night per se, each month will explore the vast catalogue of electronic music over the last 50 years “from minimal wave, cosmic, disco, avant garde, krautrock, library music” and beyond.

The first club will feature DJ sets from Somadrone, Anthony Patterson (Twin Kranes) and Cian Murphy (I Am The Cosmos) and it’s €5 in and BYOB. Head over to his site for a listen to a mix of what to expect featuring tracks from Crash Course in Science, Unit, Section 25 and Frederic Mercier.

Poster by M&E.

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