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Listen to the Daithí remix of Tell No Foxx’s ‘Dust’

Listen to the Daithí remix of Tell No Foxx’s ‘Dust’

Daithí has put a remix spin on Wicklow trio Tell No Foxx’s minimal and broody track ‘Dust’, which he says he tried to put an emotional house feel behind:

“I guess when I came across the original song the first thing that hit me was the vocal melody, it has a really strong rhythmic aspect to it, which I could really see sounding good with a house beat. I like house music with a lot of feeling in it, so I wanted to make the track feel kind of melancholy, but with a lot of energy. I wanted it to sound like dancing through the pain of a break up, in a dark room full of people. It’s one of those tracks that just fall into place really naturally, I had the first cut of the track done in one day at my studio in Galway, with all the lights off.”

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