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The Knife – ‘Full Of Fire’ (video)

The Knife – ‘Full Of Fire’ (video)

Update: A video/short film for the track by Marit Østberg is now up. Also, Shaking the Habitual is 100 minutes long.

I think you should form your own opinion on this first but I will say this…

The weight of expectation lies heavy on The Knife’s return. Absence makes the heart grow fonder which means when a band does eventually return after a succession of projects (Oni Ayhun, Tomorrow In A Year, Fever Ray), the heart gets in the way. ‘Full Of Fire’ is not an easy piece of music to digest. Good. I suspect it will be a couple of weeks before I really know what I think of it. What I do know is what it sounds like: a nine-minute throbbing/ throttling techno cut filled with discombobulating electronic rhythms, discordant melodies and vibrating percussion. It sounds at once like Nine Inch Nails-style experimental electro-rock, industrial techno and experimental composition (i.e. – the sound of a gate swivelling on its hinges). It’s sounds like The Knife: ridiculous, heady and otherworldly. Out of context, it’s an interesting piece of music. I look forward to hearing it in its correct context when we do get to Shaking The Habitual.

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