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Listen to Tomas Barfod’s new album Love Me

Listen to Tomas Barfod’s new album Love Me

As a member of the Danish band Whomadewho, Tomas Barfod was already adept at creating slinky electro grooves. For his own project, under his own name, Barfod’s music is both more emotionally reflective and expansive. On 2012’s Saltonsea, tracks like ‘November Skies’ gelled this cohesively into a muted Scandinavian euro-dance feel.

For the followup,Love Me, Barfod, again working with vocalist Nina K, along with Night Beds, Luke Temple and Sleep Party People has created a more intricately constructed version of that sound, which includes the gall to use a string and brass section alongside the electronics. It’s a gamble that works well, and makes for a more unique and focus sound.

Vocalist Nina K is the chief collaborator here, her four tracks are among the highlights particularly ‘Busy Baby’ and ‘Pulsing. Her sweet-sounding powerful timbre delivers a whopping amount of ear-worming melody. Sleep Party People’s contribution on ‘Honey’ goes hazier but similarly under the skin.

Despite its vulnerable title, there’s plenty of aural escapism to be had, through at Barfod’s softened and elegant electronic music.