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Listening post: Weval pick their favourite tracks

Listening post: Weval pick their favourite tracks


The Dutch duo Weval impressed with their debut EP Half Age, on Atomnation in 2013, which features the monster track ‘Detian’. Since then, the skyscraper house duo have released their latest EP on Kompakt (hear it below) and the pair are in town on Friday night for a live show in The Pygmalion. You can win tickets for it in the gig guide but here, Merijn and Harm tell us about some of their favourite records.

What’s your favourite track of your own right now?

We’ve made a live edit from ‘Thinking Of’ that we really like. The original is calm; the live version is much more sturdy and it quite a ‘moment’ in the set.

What song have you’ve been opening DJ sets with?

Last time we’ve opened with Four Tet – ‘Your Body Feels’. A good track that builds up constantly.

What’s your go to disco track?

Idris Muhammad – ‘Could Heaven Ever Be Like This’

What’s your favourite remix of the year so far?

Lucrecia Dalt – ‘Esotro’ (John Wall Remix)

Do you have a favourite song to wake up to?

M. Ward – ‘Clean Slate’, but J.J. Cale is really nice to wake up to as well.

Your first vinyl purchase and what do you remember about it?

Harm: When I was sixteen I started buying vinyl records. I’m not sure if it was the first one, but it definitely was one of the first: Spektrum – ‘Kinda New’ (Tiefschwarz mix).

Merijn: Michael Jackson – ‘Bad’. I was eight, and a really big fan. Still am.

Favourite slow jam?

Son Lux – ‘Easy’

A song guaranteed to get people on the dancefloor?

Floating Points – ‘King Bromeliad’

A track you’ve played that has cleared the dancefloor?

One time we played ‘Versions’ of Moderat, which was way too deep for that moment. The sound system wasn’t that good either, so it just didn’t work at all. Not that everyone disappeared, but let’s say it took a while before we were at ease after playing that track.

A song that’s always likely to get played when you DJ?

Factory Floor – ‘Two Different Ways’

Favourite ambient song of all time?

Air – ‘Run’

Biggest influence on your own music?

That’s a tough one, there are so many but if we have to name one, it probably will be Radiohead. They are one of the few bands who tend to reinvent themselves every time they release an album.

Song of the year so far?

Lucrecia Dalt – ‘Esotro’ (John Wall Remix)

A new artist are you most excited about..


An album you’ve been recommending to people?

Simeon Ten Holt – Canto Ostinato. Minimal classic music, if you don’t know it yet it could make for a nice discovery.