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Meltybrains? channel their nerves on new single ‘Wiggly’

Meltybrains? channel their nerves on new single ‘Wiggly’

Meltybrains? are undisputedly one of Dublin’s favourite bands. They have developed and nurtured a loyal fan base since their inception in 2016, becoming a staple of the Irish festival circuit in particular with captivating performances and unique songs that electrify audiences.

After a brief hiatus, they returned earlier this month with the quirky We Landed Here and they’ve wasted no time producing its successor Wiggly

Having performed the song live numerous times already, the band spent some time producing and perfecting the studio version, recording it several times until they were happy with it. It was worth the wait.

Wiggly opens with the band’s signature bright vocoders and infectious percussion rhythms before an atypical sparse opening verse. The chorus later erupts into a cacophony of shouts disguised under layers of vocoders and soaring guitar lines, which surely translates well into the live set.

Lyrically, the song follows the narrative of a man meeting his lover’s father for the first time – a universally daunting prospect. This translates sonically in the turbulent rhythms and vast textures that vary from section to section.

Given that they are so famed for their live performances, we think they ought to have brought the father to a Meltybrains? show to make the best first impression.

Meltybrains? play The Abbey in conjunction with the Dublin Fringe Festival this September 8th. Tickets available at

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