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Meltybrains? – ‘Green, Yellow & Purple’ (video)

Meltybrains? – ‘Green, Yellow & Purple’ (video)

Both times I’ve seen Meltybrains? play in Dublin, both shows were shut down by the cops. One in the Ferocious Mingle Market and one, a few weeks ago in Block B in Smithfield.

It’s an indication that the band are a different proposition who like doing things apart. They’re have a strong visual interest also which has lead to them to working on impressive live visuals with Slipdraft.

Tomorrow, the band embark on a US tour that includes shows in LA, San Diego, Austin, Nashville and Cincinnati so before they left, they wanted to share something visual with the world. The video for ‘Green, Yellow & Purple’ was made by Louise Gaffney (of Come On Live Long) and suits the song’s 10 minute, ambling mood through liquid substances and bright shades of colour.

Musically, Meltybrains? are kind of hard to define – they’re a bit post-rock, a bit electronic, a bit alternative. I don’t think they have one defining sound yet. In that regard, especially when coupled with the A/V stuff, they’re sort of like Ireland’s answer to Breton/Bretonlabs – a multi-platform musical and visual experiment.

Meltybrains? - Green, Yellow & Purple

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