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Meltybrains? – ‘Green, Yellow & Purple’ (video)

Both times I’ve seen Meltybrains? play in Dublin, both shows were shut down by the cops. One in the Ferocious Mingle Market and one, a few weeks ago in Block B in Smithfield.

It’s an indication that the band are a different proposition who like doing things apart. They’re have a strong visual interest also which has lead to them to working on impressive live visuals with Slipdraft.

Tomorrow, the band embark on a US tour that includes shows in LA, San Diego, Austin, Nashville and Cincinnati so before they left, they wanted to share something visual with the world. The video for ‘Green, Yellow & Purple’ was made by Louise Gaffney (of Come On Live Long) and suits the song’s 10 minute, ambling mood through liquid substances and bright shades of colour.

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, Meltybrains? – ‘Green, Yellow & Purple’ (video)

Musically, Meltybrains? are kind of hard to define – they’re a bit post-rock, a bit electronic, a bit alternative. I don’t think they have one defining sound yet. In that regard, especially when coupled with the A/V stuff, they’re sort of like Ireland’s answer to Breton/Bretonlabs – a multi-platform musical and visual experiment.

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