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MIA / Battles mashup by Diplo

MIA / Battles mashup by Diplo


Diplo in the Amazon

Considered to be one of the highlights of Diplo’s recent Pitchfork mix, this mashup of Battles “Atlas” and MIA’s “Boyz” has been put on Mad Decent by Diplo.

It’s not a perfect version but I applaud Diplo for getting the two to meet up in a nice compromise even though he says:

the battles one dont go anywhere i made it in 5 minutes and its totally out of tune- on its own though – that battles joint BANGS! there just wasnt enough room between the aliens singin to make a good edit!

A reckon it’s a toss-up between “Atlas” and “Wham City” for song of the year but these things will probably change.


Diplo – Battles Atlas / MIA Boyz mashup