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MP3: Super Extra Bonus Party feat Cadence Weapon – Radar

MP3: Super Extra Bonus Party feat Cadence Weapon – Radar



Here is the first single from Night Horses, the second album from SEBP with Cadence Weapon on vocals. It’s got a bit of everything: layered, swirling guitar riffs, a catchy chorus, beats, melancholic lyrics about life on the road, driving bass guitar, scratching and an energetic blippy synth-led outro. A video for the tune is in the works at the moment.

As for the album as a whole: It’s a different beast to their debut for sure. Still as eclectic as ever; it takes in hip-hop, rock, folk, electronica and pop but more cohesively so, largely down to the fact that all seven members of the band worked on this one together where their debut was largely a result of four members. R.S.A.G. adds vocal and percussion to the bouncy synth and horns workout of ‘Who Are You And What Do You Want?’, Mr. Lif features on The Knife-esque epic electronica of ‘Thin Air’, Heathers do wonders on the sunny pop of ‘Comets’, ‘Do Incio Ao Fim’ with Rodrigo Teles is built on a great old-school hip-hop sample, May Kay of Fight Like Apes throws tantrums atop the rocking ‘Eamonn’, Ireland’s best native rapper Captain Moonlight’s lyrics are impressive on ‘Tea With Lord Haw Haw’ (In fact, the album has some real depth lyrically), Ann Scott helps out on the folktronica of ‘Sonora’ and there’s some surprisingly lush instrumentals towards the end. Night Horses is out in May and the tour dates are in the more.

Full Disclosure: I help out with visuals and artwork for SEBP.

Super Extra Bonus Party feat Cadence Weapon – Radar

*May 1:* Limerick City Kid: Trinity Rooms
*May 2:* Drogheda, Louth: The Star and Crescent – Drogheda ArtsFestival
*May 8:* Cork City: The Pavillion
*May 15:* Dublin, Andrews Lane Theatre with The Rubber bandits + special Guest
*May 16:* Newbridge, Kildare: The Riverbank Arts Centre
*May 22:* Sligo: The Clarence
*May 23:* Belfast: Club [email protected]
*May 28:* Galway: Roisin Dubh