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MuRli, Gemma Dunleavy & Boku collaborate on ‘Odyssey’

MuRli, Gemma Dunleavy & Boku collaborate on ‘Odyssey’


MuRli is back with a new single on the burgeoning independent Irish label Narolane Records.

‘Odyssey’ is a collaboration with Gemma Dunleavy with production by Ian Ring aka Boku, and is a sweet mix of MuRli’s booming rap style and Gemma’s garage and R&B vibe.

It’s a track from the upcoming EP The Sky Has Windows EP out in November.

“I wrote this song to motivate myself on one of those tough lockdown mornings. Ian (Boku) sent me the beat and I just had it playing in the background, and approached it as if I was freestyling. I needed an outlet and it was the perfect beat to get it all out of me. When we had the opportunity to go to the studio again, thanks to the Dept. of Culture’s MISP funding, we invited a couple of musician friends along, and that’s where Gemma came in and just knocked it out the park.”


A video is on the way too.