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Saul Williams – “Sunday Bloody Sunday”

Saul Williams – “Sunday Bloody Sunday”

Mr. Niggy Tardust offers up a video for the polarising but really quite brilliant cover of U2’s “Sunday Bloody Sunday”. Bubbles’ friend Johnny from The Wire makes an appearance.


No doubt, Mr Williams will be back in Ireland in May as he’s playing ATP in the middle of March. For more characters from The Wire in music videos, this thread on Thumped has loads. Did you know Pryzbylewski was the elevator boy in The Hudsucker Proxy? Yeh, I’m a Wire fanboy now, thanks to Jim and everyone else’s constant recommendations.

Speaking of videos, I saw the most indulgent, over-blown, self-important 13 minute long, short film/music video ever last night. 30 Seconds to Mars – “From Yesterday”. Emo actor and general tool, Jared Leto will hurt your insides.

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