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Nancy Elizabeth – Battle & Victory

Nancy Elizabeth – Battle & Victory


Nancy Elizabeth

Music bloggers are always leaving bands in their wake like abandoned teddybears, as they forge ahead looking for the next band before discarding them once again for something more shiny and new. Personally, I try not to forget to investigate the promise I heard in a couple of MP3s but on this occasion I completely forgot. So this serves as my reminder and also a strong recommendation for you guys.

Nancy Elizabeth is a 23 year old Manchester based singer and instrumentalist who mixes folk and post rock influences who I featured back in early October. Her album Battle and Victory came out in September on the Leaf Label.

I must thank Mr Jim Carroll for reminding me of her when he played the wonderful “Off with your Axe” on his Phantom FM show on Saturday night. Yesterday, thanks to the wonders of eMusic, I finally downloaded the album and it is just perfect for this blustery weather we are experiencing. Folky, slightly experimental with a voice like Beth Orthon and a similar vibe to Bat for Lashes.


Nancy Elizabeth – Off with your Axe

[audio: With-Your-Axe.mp3]

Nancy Elizabeth – Hey Son



Here she is playing the harp at the Moseley Folk Festival.