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Nanobot – ‘Roomer’

Nanobot – ‘Roomer’

Kells three-piece Nanobots have just put out their first long playing album Plastic Alley, their first release since 2011’s Sparticles EP. Synthesizer melodies and tones combine with a digital-drum-lead band format to make a hazy electro-rock project, which at times, recalls the likes of Vondelpark.

You can check out the album in full at Bandcamp, but I recommend starting with the opening track, suitably enough. It’s a sweet-sounding vocal built on a bed of lullaby synth notes and sine waves.

Nanobot – ‘Roomer’

Nanobot - 'Roomer'

Nanobot are:
Stephen Caffrey (Synths, Guitars)
David Keegan (Synths, Drum Programming)
Dessie Keegan (Vocals, Synths, Drum Programming ,Mixing)

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