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Nealo & Jehnova – ‘Tears You Cry’

Nealo & Jehnova – ‘Tears You Cry’

The Dublin rapper Nealo has released second song from album two, after sharing ‘Forest’ featuring Saint Sister’s Morgana, his first track in two years, earlier this year.

Nealo has enlisted his close collaborator, friend and live band cohort Jehnova (Nuxsense) for ‘Tears You Cry’, a song that you may have heard them perform live. Sivv, also of Nuxsense, sings the hook. The tune is rich and jazzy with sax and lyrics informed by past struggles and hopes of brighter days.


“‘Tears You Cry’ has to be condensed to anything, it is a celebration of my friendship with Jehnova. For me, the song has become so synonymous with us doing it live with him looking at me and singing my verse back. The song itself came from a group of sessions that I had with Jehnova, Sivv, Adam Shanahan & Adam Garrett. We had planned to do a project with me and Jehnova on the cover back to back like Mel Gibson and Danny Glover.”

Nealo, Sivv and Jehnova were first acquainted in 2019 when Jehnova & Sivv’s group Nuxsense invited Nealo to support them Workmans Club in Dublin, which lead to a friendship forming.


“All the Nuxsense lads showed so much love from the start and made me feel so welcome. Jehnova in particular came up to me after the gig and said some really nice things about my music. Fast forward to a few weeks later and I got asked to support YG in the Olympia in Dublin. I was nervous. It was such early days for me. When I look back now it’s mad because I could barely put a verse together, but funny enough that’s where the universe wanted me to be at that time. I asked Jehnova if he would like to come onstage with me and do a song. He showed up, and we had a great time. The rest is history.”

Nealo plays Dun Laoghaire Harbour festival on Friday the 28th of July alongside Dizzee Rascal, Tine Tempah, JME, JAx Jonnes, Ibiza Orchestra & Bingo Loco.

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