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New music: Kwabs, Woman’s Hour, Lorde & Louth Mouth

New music: Kwabs, Woman’s Hour, Lorde & Louth Mouth


The best new music/artist picks of the last week. As published in today’s Day & Night Magazine. Follow Day & Night on Twitter or Facebook


We can forgive this London singer for having a name that conjures up something most would rather forget as his voice has an unforgettable bass-heavy timbre to match his neo-electronic soul. Wow.

Woman’s Hour

The sophisti-soul revival is in full effect! Woman’s Hour are three boys and a girl from London pushing that sexy suave R&B sound but dressed like a post-punk polaroid.


Not to be confused with the Finnish Eurovision-winning hard rockers Lordi, Lorde is a sixteen-year-old New Zealand singer-songwriter with an impressive debut EP of modern pop music.

Loud Mouth Volume 5

Dublin’s Loud Mouth Collective get prolific with the fifth installment of their compilation series featuring ambient, electronica, rap and dancefloor tracks. All free.