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New Nialler9 podcast… from Aoife Mc

New Nialler9 podcast… from Aoife Mc


Hello folks. This is Aoife here, voice of the Nialler9 podcasts. I’m writing to announce the uploading of a brand-spanking sparkly new podcast.*

I’m going to try to add to our podcast output by including a monthly-ish podcast focusing on Irish music. It will be in no way a replacement of our regular monthly podcasts, which will continue as normal. We’re recording the next one this weekend before Nialler heads off to SXSW on Monday (jealous!).

To whet your appetite, below you’ll find the mp3 of our first Irish Nialler9 podcast. I would really love your feedback on it. Do you like the format? What kind of stuff would you like to hear on an Irish podcast? Would you like it to be interview based or just tracks? We are also opening up the forum to giving our new podcast a name. Aoife Mc’s Paddy Whack Trax Attack is a strong contender at the moment, but we could use a few more ideas so comment below if you have any.

On this podast, you’ll hear tracks from Tenaka, The Mighty Stef, The Ambience Affair, Cashier no9 as well as an interview with the really lovely and hoigely talented Conor O’Brien from Villagers.

I really hope you like it

*No sparkles were harmed in the making of this podcast

  1. Tenaka – Ain’t Nobody (Eponymously Titled EP)
  2. The Mighty Stef – Waiting Round To Die (Midnights LP)
  3. The Ambience Affair – Vacant Hearts (Fragile Things EP)
  4. Cashier no9 – To The Death of Fun (single)
  5. Villagers – Pieces – (Hollow Kind EP)
  6. Villagers – Interview Part 1
  7. Villagers – The Sun Is Hanging From A String – (Hollow Kind EP)
  8. Villagers – Interview Part 2
  9. Villagers – The Meaning of The Ritual – (Hollow Kind EP)

Aoife’s Irish Podcast #1