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nialler9 Podcast #13: March 08

nialler9 Podcast #13: March 08

March Podcast

By the skin of our teeth, we finally got the March Podcast done. A couple remixes here from Boards of Canada and XXXChange, a MGMT/Lil Kim mashup, new tunes from Outkast, Chemical Brothers featuring Spank Rock, El Guincho, Crystal Castles and Envelopes. We dedicate this podcast to Paul Watson (Write code, Get money). Aoife presents as always.

Holler in the comments about your favourite/least favourite tracks.

Incidentally, this is post number 700 since nialler9 began!

Podcast #13 – March 08

  1. Crystal Castles – Untrust Us [Crystal Castles]
  2. El Guincho – Kalise [Alegranza!]
  3. Santogold – L.e.s Artistes (XXXChange remix) [Santogold]
  4. Outkast feat. Raekwon – Royal Flush [Forthcoming Big Boi solo album]
  5. The Chemical Brothers feat. Spank Rock – Keep my Composure [Heroes Soundtrack]
  6. Bong-Ra – 666MPH [Bikini Bandits Kill Kill Kill]
  7. ABX -Can you hear my Kids now? [The Hood Internet]
  8. Envelopes – Free Jazz [Here Comes the Wind]
  9. Robotnik – People Walk Away[Pleasant Square]
  10. Jamie Lidell – Wait for Me [ Jim ]
  11. Joanna Newsom – The Book of Right On (Pocketknife’s Scowling Owl Remix) [Tambourine Dream]
  12. Why? – Good Friday (Boards of Canada remix)

nialler9 Podcast #13 – March 2008 (MP3)


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