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Nialler9 Weekly Chart

Nialler9 Weekly Chart


GLK Remember those archaic days when you picked up a magazine or a weekly music paper in your grubby music-hungry hands and read a playlist of what the publication’s writers were playing in the office that week? There is power in those recommendation charts. Here is my version. No great fanfare or descriptions just ten of the best song around right now you should know or you might already know.

  1. Amanda BlankMake it Take itI Love You
  2. Eddy HuntingtonUSSRItalo Disco Vol. 7
  3. GirlsLust for Life
  4. Boy 8-BitBaltic Pine (radio edit)
  5. Fool’s GoldSurprise Hotel (Micachu remix)
  6. ColourmusicYes!

  7. Mayer HawthorneYour Easy Lovin’ Ain’t Pleasin’ Nothin’
  8. The Gaslamp KillerBirthday MusicMy Troubled Mind
  9. The HeavyHow You Like Me Now (Joker remix radio edit) – Out on Counter August 31st
  10. Nas – If I Ruled The World – It Was Written

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