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nialler9’s compendium of new Irish Music Blogs

nialler9’s compendium of new Irish Music Blogs


With so many popping up over the last six months or so, I found it hard to keep track of them all (though I’m subscribed to most of them). So, I decided to draw up a list of the new music blogs and a brief synopsis of what they are about. Alphabetically of course! No Favouritism!

Album Archive

Since May 2007
A companion blog to the Album Archive show on Phantom 105.2. Sunday, Midnight. Presented by Derek Byrne.

Asleep on the Compost Heap

Since July 2007
Run by Gardenhead, who blogs live reviews (recently Animal Collective, Deerhunter, LCD Soundsystem, SFA ) as well as recent features like Songs that personally petrify me and Norwegian Black Metal 101. With Mp3s of course!

Circle. Square. Triangle

Since October 2007
Naming his blog after a Test Icicles song (I presume?), Pedro likes The National, Le Loup, psychic-folk artist Nora Keyes, Canadians and is love with Shannyn Sossamon!

The Indie Hour

Since April 2007
Our podcast voice and radio presenter, Aoife Mc started her blog to keep all informed of her weekly radio show on 103.2 Dublin City FM every Thursday from 9-10pm. Every week she interviews an Irish artist and plays some of their tunes. I also recommend a track every week! There are some gems in there including The Jimmy Cake (all new songs, not available anywhere else!), Fight Like Apes, Grand Pocket Orchestra, Halves and White Noise. Aoife has also been flexing her blogging muscles by writing about varied topics such as Musical Youth, Reality TV and DJ Mehdi.

I Prefer the Obscure Remix

Since September 2007
Drummer and all-round nice bloke has so far featured some of the better music than Indie labels are releasing such as Menomena, O’ Death, Holy Fuck, Cadence Weapon and Les Savy Fav.

Jim Dubh on Music

Since 2006
Jim has been blogging about music for a while, but I’ve only just picked up on him. To give you an idea of what he covers, lately he has featured a Josh Ritter album review, Tom Waits and live reviews of Animal Collective, Andrew Bird and The National (Am I the only Irish blogger who doesn’t care for these guys???).

Luncheon Roll

Since September 2007
Naomi is a photographer who exclusively blogs about Irish music with an excitement that is infectious. Head over for the latest Irish music news and some gig photos too.

Matt Vinyl

Since March 2007
Matt likes to hang around Road Records and buy 7″ singles which he subsequentially makes a podcast from as well as other misclellaneous meanderings.

Punch-Drunk Options

Since July 2007
One time journalism student now freelance music writer writes about The National (Another one!), pointless greatest hits compilation and examines the common theme of Ian Brown’s artwork.

Rapture Ponies

Since May 2007
Not too familiar with this one but Rapture Ponies herself describes it as “A blog about life, music, the buzz, art, creatives, people & places, with tunes & pics.”

State of Shock

Since May 2007
Blog for the Shock crew who put on gigs in the Pod and beyond. They have a podcast too!

Thrill Pier

Since July 2007
“A blog about music, talkin’ crap, loving Arsenal and other assorted rubbish.” – Says it all really – except it’s not rubbish.

Why am I here?

Since September 2006
Aidan’s blog has self-made mixes and muses on music.

YouAre NotBeautiful

Since July 2007
Art and Music in Cork and Ireland.

Wow. That’s 14 new music blogs! I know I probably forgot some so feel free to plug yourself in the comments. Many of the newer blogs we’re found while trawling through some of Jim’s mammoth comments sessions so props to the man himself.

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