Nialler9’s Readers’ Poll 2012 results: Irish songs of the year

Artwork by Gianni.
Artwork/wallpaper by Gianni.
The following 25 songs were voted by you dear readers (about 200 of you) so huge thanks to you lot for that. It’s an interesting cross section of what happened in Irish music this year from electronic to folk to indie to rock. There wasn’t room for rap or heavier guitar music this time around though Lethal Dialect and REST came close. At the end of the post you’ll also find Spotify and Deezer playlists to listen to featuring most of the songs here.

[25-18] | [17-11] | [10-1]

25. Frank B – ‘Chain of Fools’

24. Clu – ‘Evening Ever’

23. Anderson – ‘History’

22. The Spook of The Thirteenth Lock – ‘The Brutal Here and Now Part I’

21. The Cast Of Cheers – ‘Animals’

20. Young Wonder – ‘Flesh’

19. BATS – ‘Wolfwrangler’

18. Jogging – ‘Deadweight’

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