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Niia – Generation Blue EP

Niia – Generation Blue EP


When one of your parents is an Italian classical pianist, you bunk off school to play  play Debussy and Rachmaninoff in the school church and you have Chopin’s ‘E Minor Nocturne’ tattooed on her forearm, there is a certain path being forged. It was piano-lead ballads that lead me to the singer Niia (pronounced “Nye-a” ) and it’s a sound that’s heard on the singer’s newest EP Generation Blue.

Drawing out more from her, is producer Robin Hannibal of Rhye and Quadron, who lifts the six tracks here with an overall elegance that gives Niia a sheen that approaches Jessie Ware level of soulful R&B pop music.

‘Body’ is very much grown up pop in that vein: nuanced and bright; imbued by strings and nuanced rich production. ‘Numb’ offers a rhythmic R&B slant and “Seeing Red’ has a low-slung funk sound. Niia, the singer, keeps the focus on her, through her classical expressive voice. A fine EP of grownup nuanced pop music.

The EP is on ITunes.

Niia - Body (Official Video)

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