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Nomo – Ghost Rock

Nomo – Ghost Rock


You may remember me enthusing about Afro-beat band Nomo way back in 2006 with their album New Tones. Here’s what I said around the time: “Michigan-based Nomo take their cue from the Congolese band, Konono N°1, respectively appropriating their percussive tribal sound to the Northern Hemisphere. Extending that ethos with breakneck brass, organ and guitar to produce a post-Afrobeat sound – the songs on instrumental New Tones are refreshlingly effervescent. Definitely a live act I’d like to see hit these shores sometime in 2007.”

While they have never made it to these shores just yet, they do have a new album in the aptly-titled Ghost Rock. It’s jazzy, ethereal, beat-heavy electronic space-jams have been washing over my ears the last few weeks and now it’s your turn. Seriously, Nomo look great live. Won’t someone bring them over?

Nomo – All the Stars

Nomo – Rings

Removed by label request.

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