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One night in Hackney!!!

One night in Hackney!!!

A few of us went to Seomra Spraoi on Friday night. There was a bit of a hooley going on with the Alphabetset heads and Radio na Life making most of the noise. Hats off to Sarsparilla, Fringe, Prince Kong, T-Woc, Wiggle, Johnny Alpha and A Force for providing the punters with some freakin awesome tunes through a satisfyingly bass-heavy system, and ultimately all at Seomra Spraoi for organising the bash in the first place – nuff respec. Needless to so though, members of an Gardai Siochana did arrive at around 3 or so to boot the door down and crack down on any fun being had – even though the music had already stopped and people were leaving. They just can’t help themselves I guess.
At one stage Fearghal from Radio na Life was playing some class techno. I used to listen to a lot, but less and less these days, and hardly ever when I’m out. The few tunes he belted out rekindled my love for the old 4 by 4’s a bit, and me and a few others duly went mental, hopping around the place. One in particular stuck out (nialler’s precision memory helped here), and we did a bit of hungover searching for it today. It was worth it.
Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado I bring you a charming number by Stay up Forever head D.A.V.E the Drummer,