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Panda Bear – ‘Mr Noah’

Panda Bear – ‘Mr Noah’

Panda Bear in 2014 is a long way from the Panda Bear that made his debut Person Pitch in 2007. That album was nostalgic, sunny and lilting. Since then, Noah Lennox’s music has got increasingly more sharp-edged.

Case in point, new song ‘Mr Noah’, is closer to the sound of Aphex Twin’s ‘Windowlicker’ or the Prodigy’s ‘Firestarter’ than it is the Beach Boys. It’s from a new EP released today called Noah (on Spotify too). The rest of the EP is less harsh and more harmony-driven but still quite murky.

Panda Bear - Mr Noah (Official Video)

The song will feature on the Animal Collective member’s fifth solo album When Panda Bear met the Grim Reaper (they jammed, apparently) which is out on January 9th on Domino. Lennox says:

“It’s sort of marking change — not necessarily an absolute death, but the ending of something, and hopefully the beginning of something else.”

Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper Tracklisting

01. Sequential Circuits
02. Mr Noah
03. Davy Jones’ Locker
04. Crosswords
05. Butcher Baker Candlestick Maker
06. Boys Latin
07. Come To Your Senses
08. Tropic Of Cancer
09. Shadow Of The Colossus
10. Lonely Wanderer
11. Principe Real
12. Selfish Gene
13. Acid Wash

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