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Plaid, Crawdaddy, Friday 6th June (rescheduled)

Plaid, Crawdaddy, Friday 6th June (rescheduled)


U:mack presents one of my favourite electronic acts live in Crawdaddy. Plaid receive regular plays in our house, most notably Double Figure and Spokes. The last time I caught them was the DEAF festival when they had the robot-arm camera visual thing alongside visuals by Bob Jaroc. 2008 is the duo’s 20th year working together and you can expect songs from their new album on the 14th March 6th June. They

Plaid are very much a visual-friendly act evident in 2006’s collaboration with Jaroc on the DVD Greedy Baby. Admire this beautifully hypnotic video for “The Launching of Big Face”.

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Plaid – Crumax Rins (Spokes, 2003)


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