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Playing catchup

Playing catchup


The site was out of action over the weekend. The database is acting up so we’re operating from a backup. Anyhow in the grand blogger tradition of laziness and brevity, time for a recap.

  • As well as CSS and Metric, I also caught TV on the Radio in the Music Centre and got tickets to the free Guinness Storehouse gig. TV on the Radio was a strange gig, the band were clearly knackered but the set was good and the crowd knew every word. Best of the night were the older songs for some reason. The support band White Circle Crime Club (from Belgium) were excellent too. Diplo played a good set in the nice environs of the Storehouse- a bit of Baile Funk, Bonde do Role, Hot Chip and loads of other good stuff. Very entertaining. Just as entertaining was watching “sunglasses at night” wearing Carl Craig trying to look cool while waiting to play his boring Detriot techno set to about 50 people. Cutting edge…
  • Grizzly Bear have cancelled all their November European dates because €30,000 worth of their gear was stolen. So no Whelans date then.. boo :(
  • Bit late to the party but I’m loving the Beirut album – listening to it a lot. They seem less abstract after seeing them live.
  • Thanks to Sinead for highlighting the great Irish label Osaka label. The good folks at Osaka sent along a copy of Eglantine Gouzy’s Boamaster. It reminds me of a cross between Coco Rosie, Nina Hynes, Múm and Camille with intriguing emotions evident both in her voice and in the music. Check out the MP3s below especially if you have a predilection for the mentioned artists.
  • Also, Copenhagen based label Rumraket have released a new album from Kama Aina, who I mentioned before. The album Club Kana Aina features guests Bill Wells, Isobel Campbell and The Pastels. Think of a Japanese Jimmy Cake and you’re half way there.

Eglantine Gouzy – Cowboy


Eglantine Gouzy – 2h12


[ Eglantine Gouzy – Myspace | cd – Osaka | mp3s – Kompakt MP3 | Finetunes ]

Kama Aina – Wedding Song


[ Kama Aina – Buy from Rumraket ]

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