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Podcast #10: Top Irish EPs of 2007

Podcast #10: Top Irish EPs of 2007

EPs of 2007

I had the notion months ago that December’s podcast would feature all Irish music and what better way to showcase this country’s talent than to take the results of the public poll for Irish EPs and make a podcast out of it. The top 14 EPs were as follows with number of votes in brackets:

Tops Irish EPs of 2007 results

14. The Vinny Club – Rocky IV Rekyrd Sampler (4)
13. The Things – Wild Psychotic Sounds (5)
12. Delorentos – Do you Realise? (6)
11. Bats – Cruel Sea Scientist (6)
10. Vimanas – EP (6)
9. Brian Cullen’s Love Bullets – Ask for Directions (8)
8. Fight Like Apes – David Carradine is a Bounty Hunter… (9)
7. Dark Room Notes – Dead Start Program (11)
6. Jape – Jape is Grape EP (13)
5. Terrordactyl – Terrordactyl EP (15)
4. Halves – Halves EP (16)
3. Channel One – Permissions (17)
2. Fight Like Apes – How I supposed to Kill you If you’ve got all the Guns? (22)
1. Adebisi Shank – This is the EP of a band called… (25)

Total results (HTML)

We played songs from 11 of these 14 EPs in this month’s podcast and you should be able be able to buy all of these EPs from Road Records and you SHOULD with the exception of Vinny (Who has a Christmas present for you all on his myspace).

nialler9 Podcast #10 – Irish EPs Xmas Special


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