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Nialler9 Podcast: MayKay on Fight Like Apes & Palestine

Nialler9 Podcast: MayKay on Fight Like Apes & Palestine

A second episode this week as it’s a timely chat with MayKay, the vocalist, singer-songwriter and Other Voices presenter who is returning to her original role as lead vocalist with the band Fight Like Apes.

The band split up in 2016 after releasing three albums Fight Like Apes and the Mystery of the Golden Medallion (2008), The Body of Christ and the Legs of Tina Turner (2010) and Fight Like Apes (2015) along with a series of EPs.

Flapes as they’re affectionally known, were one of the first buzz bands out of Ireland in the online era, bursting onto the scene with ‘Lend Me Your Face’ and helped deflate a scene in which singer-songwriter had a chokehold on things by bringing a sense of pop culture fun with synth-pop and alternative, punk rock energy and catchy hooks.

Ahead of the band’s big comeback show at 3Olympia Theatre on Friday March 24th, I spoke to May Kay about what it’s like to return to the well of the past, which songs hit different, how the London and rehearsal show went, and how she views the band’s time in the spotlight now.

We also talk about MayKay’s trip to Palestine last year, and the plight of the Palestinian people who have lived in an apartheid state for the last 75 years, and why it’s so important to hear the Palestinian people’s own everyday stories of living under occupation and oppression.

ACLAI is an Irish gym founded by Ainle O’Cairealla’in in Palestine.

Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC)

Fight Like Apes’ vinyl albums on Rubyworks / Alcopop Records.

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