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Podcast: How To Win a Grammy

Podcast: How To Win a Grammy

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It’s Grammys week and Niall and Andrea are asking the big question – so how do you actually win a Grammy Award?

We look at the submission process, how not all of the 13,000 plus Recording Academy members are elligible to vote. We look at what the demographic of the voters and how the selection committees that decide the shortlists have lead to artists like Zayn Malik, The Weeknd and many more to ask for greater transparency.

We look into what a for your consideration campaign to promote a Grammy win means including VIP boxes from Taylor Swift, pressing flesh at Grammys mixer parties and how artists try to calculate their media appearances so Grammys voters might think of them favourably.

We look at the snubs, the tactics that labels and artists employ, a weird genre categorisation rule, how the Grammys have tried to address the criticism amidst accusations of misconduct that allegedly include  rampant conflicts of interest and voting irregularities.

And, we ask how important a Grammy win is anyway?

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