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Podcast: Robbie Kitt on clubbing as culture & the politics of the everyday

Podcast: Robbie Kitt on clubbing as culture & the politics of the everyday

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Robbie Kitt is a DJ and producer from Dublin who makes music as R.Kitt.

Robbie is a passionate advocate of late night clubbing as culture and one of the main voices engaging with the government as Give Us The Night.

On the day that the government announced the Night-Time Economy Taskforce report, outlining recommendations for reform and licensing changes for the nightlife industry and culture, Robbie talked to Niall and Andrea about some of the ideas he recently shared in an IGTV video .

With gigs, nightclubs and festivals reopening properly in Ireland from next month, we talked to Robbie about dancing as a political act, engaging with the political system and the politics of everyday.

Robbie talks about how far the Give Us The Night campaign has come in getting clubs recognised as a cultural activity, systemic issues around dismantling decades old habits and laws, how government decisions don’t include emotional and societal metrics, and the lack of trust of Irish citizens and young people in public spaces.

We also discuss how the pandemic has underscored the need for cultural change, and how small communities can bring positivity in our country through behaviour and small acts without waiting for the government to enact that change.

It was an enlightening chat.

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