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Premiere: East London’s KYLYPSO dig up disco grooves and dreamy synths on ‘Cosmic Dolphins’

Premiering on the site today is ‘Cosmic Dolphins’ from East London psych-pop group KYLYPSO.

The trio, made up of Tom, Rudi and Hugh, spend their time working at each other’s home studios, expertly crafting groove orientated psychedelia.

‘Cosmic Dolphins’ is the best psych-pop track we’ve heard in ages. It’s full of wirey energy, ‘verbed out vocal harmonies and glamorous melodies.

It’s the band’s first single of 2019, having notched three tracks under their belt last year. Listening through the material speaks volumes on how well balanced the various psych, disco and pop influences are within the group’s music.

We’ll be keeping an eye and ear out for KYLYPSO going forward, you should too.

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