, Premiere: Meghan Murray marks herself out as a sincere talent on new singe ‘Feeling Blue’
Meghan Murray Picture: Miki Barlok

Based in Cork, Meghan Murray has been making quite the impression on us in 2019.

The R&B/Pop singer has all the hallmarks of an artist on the rise, catching our attention first with her debut single ‘Space‘ and its follow up ‘Broken Ladders‘. Both tracks had a distinctly vintage soul feel, ‘Space’ with its wah-wah guitar rhythms and ‘Broken Ladders’ with its lush vocal harmonies.

Significant also is that each of Murray’s releases to date has been better than the last, that’s exactly why we wanted to premiere her new single ‘Feeling Blue’ on the site today.

‘Feeling Blue’ is another increment higher in quality. The vintage feel remains palpable, introduced from the get-go with a warm vinyl crackle. Soulful? Indeed it is. Murray’s turned the tempo down on the new single, ‘Feeling Blue’ revels in a relatively stripped back arrangement. Long, sustained chords from the guitar announce the harmony in each phrase – the foundation upon which Murray’s silken vocals build.

It’s exciting to hear such strong material from a new Irish artist. Even if there are some tell-tale signs of relative inexperience, a vocal leap too far in certain sections and a mix that could add more life to the tune. These are far from damnable sins, just the barriers every emerging artist must leap in the effort to perfect their craft.

Compelling, sincere R&B/Soul from an Irish artist constantly growing in quality and character.