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Premiere: Paddy Hanna searches for silence in new video for ‘Frankly, I Mutate’

Premiere: Paddy Hanna searches for silence in new video for ‘Frankly, I Mutate’

Paddy Hanna‘s gorgeous latest album Frankly, I Mutate saw release last year and he’s enjoyed a steady stream of acclaim ever since with slots at Sea Sessions and Other Voices to name but a few.

Today we’re premiering the new video for the title track of the record, produced by Niall McCann with Greg Dunn and Matthew Boyd. The quirky video sees Hanna find an abandoned boom pole, microphone and sound recorder which he brings to various locations recording people he passes by or to capture the “constant drone of modern life”.

The video reflects the sentiment of the song in that sometimes we get so distracted by searching for meaning that we fail to see it when it’s presented right in front of us. It’s a complex subject but the video translates it in a humorous and upbeat manner.

McCann said:

“As artists, I think that ultimately what we are engaged in is a kind of searching; searching for answers, for meaning, for purpose, searching to find a way to communicate those things which are not so easy to communicate, which cannot be surmised, or easily put into words.

As a film director I always say that my business is questions rather than answers, if you want answers – look to Hollywood or Coronation Street, not at art. So that’s why in our video Paddy is searching, just like he does in his music. Like we all do every day we are alive.”

Paddy Hanna - Frankly I Mutate

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