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Premiere: Dublin math rock band Yonen have a crazy good animated music video for ‘Tokyo’

The celestial x math-rock of new Dublin four-piece Yonen has found the perfect visual bedfellow in this clip by Ross Ryder, animated with the help of Joey Breslin and produced in Algorithm Studios.

‘Tokyo’ is a jazzy prog / math rock track that undulates over seven minutes which Ryder uses to his advantage to tell a unique story featuring a character called Podrig.

“We see Tokyo as bustling with activity, strobing with vibrant neon colours, and hinting at a quirky cultural undercurrent. The protagonist, Podrig and the listener traverse the city throughout the track, from the suburbs to the gardens to neon streets of the night. Podrig is slowly introduced to the cultural quirks of the city through the 8 bit audio production and stylistic 3D design elements. The narrative of the movie explores the role of light in establishing a mood and atmosphere, taking the viewer from a dark monochromatic storm to an illuminating multi-colored climax in space.”

‘Tokyo’ the song is on Bandcamp and the band are are currently on a UK tour.

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