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Primavera Twitter Digest 30th May

Primavera Twitter Digest 30th May

  • In the massive auditori waiting for glen and marketa to start. This place is huge.
  • Glen, marketa and band including graham hopkins are.. nice. Its all a bit too earnest though. Maybe it’s because i still haven’t seen once.
  • Watching mv and ee at the atp stage from a patch of grass. Awful 70s jam band style. Sun shining though.
  • The cribs are fucking awful.
  • Queuing to get back into the auditori. Bill callahan this time.
  • Bill callahan says- “i’ve been in my hotel room with a shotgun.” everyone claps.
  • Sebadoh are on. I don’t get sebadoh. Apart from one single i bought years ago.
  • Why? Seem to be lacking something. Yoni’s hand is in a cast and they had the longest sound check. Hope it picks up.
  • Missed man man again!
  • Seriously devo are amazing. Funny too. Someone book them for the picnic.
  • Ok devo have officially blown my mind.
  • The guy from devo is throwing bouncing balls!
  • Fuck buttons = digital distortion + shouty distorted vocals + fuck yeh!
  • Fuck buttons are really good but parts of it remind me so much of chris clark’s latest without the beat. It needs a banging element.
  • Go! Team great festival band as always. Time for a whiskey and coke and a wait for el guincho by the vice stage. He’s got two projector screens.
  • El guincho is rockin the home crowd. All his mates are here and the audience is massive.
  • Beautiful. If you stay at the festival long enough the metro reopens to bring you home.

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