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Primavera Twitter Digest 29th May

Primavera Twitter Digest 29th May

  • I decided to twitter primavera updates to my blog cos I can. Keep an eye out for updates over the next couple of days.
  • Listening to portishead soundcheck!
  • Dublin and Barcelona airports were heaving with people primavera bound. Wonder why so may Irish come here?
  • Fuck up with our wristbands. They weren’t clamped tight enough so security wouldn’t let us in. Another hour queue.
  • Hanging out with ernesto and moose. Bomb squad are doin their dub”bass” thing.
  • Dr Octagon is playing to 100 people. This is weird. Thanks PE.
  • This is horrible. Kool keith’s cohort keeps saying ultramagnetic mcs in desperation. Its like watchin kriss kross ten years on.:)
  • Kool keith is finished but he’s still talking to the crowd about his many projects while the stagehands clear up. Its surreal.
  • Public Enemy are cutting their album playback short. They got til she watch channel zero. Bad form. Should have left the bomb squad at home
  • Portishead played glory box. Awesome. So many guys singing the just want to be a woman line.
  • Chuck d just rapped over gun machine!
  • Eh, I mean machine gun. That was swell. I’m not as think as you drunk I am.
  • Caribou are a psychedelic dreamcoat of loveliness but I’m hungry now.
  • De la Soul referred to portishead as porterhead! LOL!
  • El Guincho has been lurking everywhere I go. Seriously dude.
  • Vampire Weekend closed the night in the best way. Superb. Roll on tomorrow!
  • Full Primavera report is up at State:

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