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Primavera Twitter Digest 31st May

Primavera Twitter Digest 31st May

  • Times New Viking just woke me up with their scuzzy shout rock.
  • In the auditori for mary weiss of the Shangri-Las. Pissed we missed Bon Iver. Everyone’s saying he was brilliant.
  • Wow. That was boring.
  • Silver Jews are a nice soundtrack to a bout of extreme tiredness.
  • The guy from Les Savy Fav is in the audience for Silver Jews.
  • Caught the end of Fanfarlo. Sounded really good.
  • Rufus Wainwright has got the most soothing voice. That is all.
  • His between song banter is hilarious too.
  • Apologies to Darragh, Loreana and possibly Ian Thrill Pier but I do not get the appeal of Deerhunter.
  • Wamp wamp bitch.
  • Yes its Clipse.
  • Les Savy Fav are amazing.. What a frontman.
  • How to describe Animal Collective? They’re playing strawberry jam songs! And with guitars. Fuck. This is how i hoped they would be.
  • AC are playing brother. It’s v snazzy. Woo woo.
  • Simian Mobile Disco are playing Green Velvet on the main stage. Cameras ready prepare the flash!
  • It’s 4am. We’re holdin on to the shreds of music primavera is offering us which is loads of dj sets. Aoife is doin funny dances so its all good.
  • The rain just lashed down. Worst rain ever. I’m soaked. Everyone is running home. So concludes the primavera twitter updates. A superb festival. This is nialler signing off.

Taken from Twitter.

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