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Cork’s Quarter Block Party reveal full lineup

Cork’s Quarter Block Party reveal full lineup


Quarter Block Party returns to Cork City for 2016 from Friday February 5th to Sunday 7th this year. The three day music and arts festival produced by Southern Hospitality Board & Makeshift Ensemble has announced most of its events now, to take place on North and South Main Streets.

Included are:
Spook Of The Thirteenth Lock Present Lockout | Rozi Plain | Meltybrains? | Bitch Falcon | Daniel Knox | Horse | Somerville | Laurie Shaw | Jófriỗur Ákadóttir | The Great Balloon Race | Lowlek | Talos | Paddy Hanna | Joni | Basciville | Duende Dogs | Patrick Freeman | Lakerama | Alex Petcu | Steven Sharpe &Amp; The Broke Straight Boys | Jet Setter | Radie, Cosie, Brian (Lynched) | Sillk | The Bonk | Damsel | Chris Power | Young Phantom | Roisin Kelly | Claire O’ Brien | Sing Along Social presents Abba Gold at BDSM | Vinyl Love J Dilla Special | Festival Club With Donal Dineen

In addition to the music acts, there will be:
A Vinyl Love Exhibition over in Plugd records is a celebration of some great cover art from some of Cork’s resident hip hop guru Stevie G’s favourite records.

Cathy Walsh’s Running Up That Hill is a celebration of feminism, equality, respect and solidarity. Provoked by the #wakingthefeminists movement and inspired by Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’, the people of Cork City will march through the streets and dance together in celebration on North Main Street, the historic spine of the city.

In Abigail Conway’s participatory installation Time Lab, visitors are asked to dismantle a wristwatch or clock and reconstruct it to form an item of jewellery of sculpture in order to reflect on time as they dismantle the very tools of measuring the passing of time.

Poupée Russe is a poetic recital marked by an artistic posture of a nomadic queer feminist identity. Through this performance, Emilie Combet forges links between her personal anecdotes and problems which move her in the stunning surroundings of St Peter’s Church (formerly The Vision Centre.)

Wannabe popstar Xnthony is aiming for the elusive Douze points with a second bid for Eurovision glory in 2016. Armed with glitter, capes and a whole host of potential Eurovision-worthy songs, Xnthony and The Penny Slots will entertain and delight audiences at QBP this year.

More info on the website.