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Radioclit Present: The Sound of Club Secousse (African Dance compilation)

Radioclit Present: The Sound of Club Secousse (African Dance compilation)


More great African dance music coming our way courtesy of Crammed Records in the form of Radioclit Present: The Sound of Club Secousse, a collection of Radioclit’s favourite African dance music. Radioclit’s own project The Very Best is the first taster from the album. Club Secousse is the duo’s club night in Paris and London.

The tracklisting includes dance music from Ivory Coast, Angola, Zimbabwe, my favourite South Africa’s Tshetsha Boys and more.

The Very Best feat. Mo Laudi – Angonde (Remix)

Radioclit Present: The Sound of Club Secousse will be released worldwide on October 19th.

Etienne Tron of Radioclit says:

“We launched our Club Night Secousse in 2008 with a simple challenge in mind: to bring people together and promote worldwide ghetto culture. It felt like nightlife was getting more and more segregated everywhere we went, with less and less connections between the Afro scene, the gay scene, the hipsters… Mainstream music culture was becoming an oppressive and stagnant machine, dance music was stuck and our interest in hip hop was quickly fading out. We were thirsty for exotic sounds, and started exploring as many local ghetto scenes as we could.

“All the tracks on this compilation have won their title of ‘Club Secousse Anthem’ by getting played again and again in London, Paris, New York, Stockholm, São Paulo, Moscow and everywhere else we travelled to. They never fail to get people moving. They represent everything we love about ghetto culture: the ability to create something with nothing, the energy, the positivity… who said it was all about crime, drugs and violence???”


1. Bab Lee ‘Sous Les Cocotiers’ (Ivory Coast)
2. Batida Feat Bras Firmino ‘Nufeko Disole’ (Portugal/Angola)
3. The Very Best Feat Mo Laudi ‘Angonde’ (Remix) (Malawi/South Africa/Sweden)
4. Janka Nabay ‘To Ma Ya’ (Sierra Leone)
5. Lutchiana ‘Eki Bis’ (Congo)
6. Luky Gomes ‘Zeze E Toto’ (Remix) (Angola)
7. Magic System ‘Petit Pompier’ (Ivory Coast)
8. Dj Serpent Noir ‘La Go Attoto’ (Ivory Coast)
9. Puto Prata ‘Zuata Zuata’ (Angola)
10. Jusa Dementor ‘African Air Horn Dance’ (Zimbabwe)
11. Dj Vielo, Dj Anielson And Patcho Debenq ‘Decale Mon Afrique’ (Cabo Verde/France)
12. Naty Kid ‘Sereia’ (Cabo Verde)
13. Ize ‘Tronku Di Mundo’ (Cabo Verde/France)
14. Tshetsha Boys Feat Vuyelwa ‘Mosemana Wa Dikgomo’ (South Africa)

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