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Rainbow Arabia – The Basta EP

Rainbow Arabia – The Basta EP

Rainbow Arabia

Trust me. that artwork is way better than seeing a press shot of this husband and wife duo from California. They are not deformed or anything. I just think this represents the music much better than a boring press shot ever could. The name is apt as the music is full of Middle Eastern scales and tones to the point where a Pungi or snake-charming flute plays a major part. Take those influences and smash them into electronica, dub rhythms and get the wife to sing/shout over the top and you’ve got something close to brilliance.

Slap on the wrist for me for not posting this back in frickin’ August when I got it. I kept holding onto it for a while and then I thought I put it in a podcast. Duh. Anyway here’s two songs from The Basta EP.

Rainbow Arabia – Omar K

Rainbow Arabia – The Basta