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Really Good Time debut Sin City-style video for new song ‘Mountain of Spit’

Really Good Time debut Sin City-style video for new song ‘Mountain of Spit’

“Dublin’s hottest post-crunk apré-garde super group,” are back with single #4.

‘Mountain of Spit’ is the alternative four-piece band’s new single, which arrives with a Sin City-styled music video, directed and animated by Callum Patrick O’Brien.

The song is from the forthcoming debut EP Escape from the Mountain of Spit. See their previous singles here.

“Mountain of Spit” was born out of intense conversations with teenage relatives about self-help gurus on YouTube and TikTok. The song takes aim at the internet demagogues preying on the young, the vulnerable and the disaffected. From the deeply misogynistic ‘self-made’ men who claim to know the secrets to wealth, power, and ‘what women want’, to seemingly altruistic academics who sow division under the notion of free speech. 

Really Good Time imagines them holding court, spit lashing from their mouths as they tell us “How to live our lives”, using clever rhetoric to mask their base, cornered-dog urge to suck whatever profit, status, and social capital that can be wrung from the post-capitalist ideological hellscape they help to maintain.

Really Good Time are Diolmhain Ingram Roche, lead vocals/guitar (nametag: Dilly), Jack Hitchcock, bass/vocals (nametag: Le Coque), Alex Conway, guitar/backing vocals (nametag: The Duke) and Adrian Garvey, drums/backing vocals (nametag: Ado).

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