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Replete – ‘Green Fields’

Replete – ‘Green Fields’

, Replete – ‘Green Fields’

Pete Lawlor aka Cork-based producer Replete has a new EP, Hold Me out on Champion Sound Recordings this Friday and judging on the tracks so far, the title track with its percussive piano-house vibes, the upbeat club house of ‘Appetite‘ as trailed by a Rotor-made video by the artist and the ambient disco bass oddysey of ‘Make Me Want You’, there’s a jump in talent evident.

‘Green Fields’ which rounds off the previews and is a free download bonus track, further relays the depth at play in Lawlor’s latest productions , whether utilising a warped trumpet sample, what sounds like an African highlife or jazz vocal or deep bass frequencies. The EP is available from Juno.

Replete – ‘Green Fields’


Replete – ‘Make Me Want You’

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