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Robyn G Shiels won the NI Music Prize 2014

Robyn G Shiels won the NI Music Prize 2014


Robyn G Shiels was announced as the winner of the Northern Ireland Music Prize 2014 at an event in Mandela Hall in Belfast on Saturday.

His album, The Blood Of The Innocents was chosen as the winner of twelve albums, as decided by music industry professionals and was part of the Sound Of Belfast activities. The prize was sponsored by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland. He’s pictured above with Stuart Bailie.

The full list of nominated artists/albums:

Alana Henderson – Windfall
Ed Zealous – Wired
Little Matador – Little Matador
Malibu Shark Attack – Malibu Shark Attack
Mojo Fury – The Difference Between
More Than Conquerors – Everything I’ve Learnt
Rams Pocket Radio – Béton
Robyn G Shiels – The Blood Of The Innocents
Slomatics – Estron
Sullivan and Gold – For Foes
VerseChorusVerse – VerseChorusVerse
Wonder Villains – Rocky