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Róisín Murphy announced for Dublin gig

Róisín Murphy announced for Dublin gig

The disco singer has been announced for a show at 3Olympia.

In the wake of the revelations of Róisín Murphy’s recent comments about trans people, the singer divided opinion on her views, leading many fans to feel more than disappointed with her lack of clarity or that the mask had slipped for an artist whose fans were predominantly from a tolerant LGBTQ+ community.

Murphy was defended and supported by Graham Linehan and a loud online minority of people who co-opted Murphy’s muddied views, derided cancel culture and bought her back catalogue in support of her outlook, lovebombing Murphy online as fans expressed disappointment.

Murphy’s label Ninja Tune, it was reported but unconfirmed, refused to promote her recent album Hit Parade, and recent months have borne that out to be true (there is no listing of her album on a recent email missive from the label about their best of 2023 releases for example).

However, as a reminder that internet discourse isn’t real life and that cancel culture isn’t actually a real thing, today it was announced that Róisín Murphy is return to play Dublin’s 3Olympia on Saturday 3rd February 2024 for an MCD-promoted show, after her outdoor gig at Trinity Summer sessions last year.

Personally, I’ve not been able to listen to Hit Parade without a sour taste from the whole unpleasant business this past August. For each person, that an individual choice as it should be. I am unable to separate the art from the artist myself, but the gig announcement and recent gigs elsewhere, suggests that the whole incident has not affected the singer’s career as much as people were saying at the time.

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