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Roosevelt returns with the uplifting festival-ready vibe of ‘Sign’

Roosevelt returns with the uplifting festival-ready vibe of ‘Sign’

We’ve been long time fans of German musician Roosevelt’s svelte electro/house pop tunes for a long time around here.

Today, Marius Lauber officially follows up 2018’s second album Young Romance with ‘Sign’.

Ever sheenful and bright, ‘Sign’ is a track that yearns for a response, all made with digital love as opposed to instruments. With its big emotional heft and uplifting festival-ready vibe, it once again underscores just how good Roosevelt is at bringing those moments.

“I wanted to make something intimate, so I started with these spherical Juno 60 chords. When I added rhythmical elements, I realised that the track could work in a dance music world – I normally record a lot of real drums but stripped this one back to just an 808 beat. A nice contrast between the intimate feeling of the synth and the dancefloor qualities of the vocal sample, bass line and 808 started to emerge. I found it really inspiring to make something that’s initially made for listening alone on your headphones, but that hopefully can come alive in the near future when played out at a dance club or festival and create a form of unity again.“

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