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Ryan Vail made a new track in lockdown with concert pianist Ruth McGinley – ‘Chrysalism’

Ryan Vail made a new track in lockdown with concert pianist Ruth McGinley – ‘Chrysalism’

The Derry electronic producer and one half of Borders, Ryan Vail has made a track with concert pianist Ruth McGinley (BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, National
Symphony Orchestra and RTE Concert Orchestra).

The song ‘Chrysalism: the amniotic tranquility of being indoors during a thunderstorm’ with the artists writing remotely during lockdown this year.

It’s a meditative neo-classical contemporary electronic track, filled with tumultuous low-end, evocative billowing sounds and spoken word that was inspired by the newly recognised silence and isolation that lockdown brought to the world.

“We wrote this piece together at the peak of lockdown. We had to work remotely from our own studios, blending the worlds of classical and electronica to document our mood and frustrations with what was happening around us.”

Ryan Vail

“I found deep inner peace in lockdown as the world slowed down and I could stay indoors and connect back to my true nature at a slower pace. But you only had to put on the tv/radio/media to realise that there was a full-blown storm outside in the world. A fusion of sounds and musical worlds, Chrysalism sums up the feels of lockdown for me fully.”

Ruth McGinley

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